About Money in Politics

Your guide to money trails and legislation in US Government

About Money in Politics

Not much to say here, we are simply a site consuming public data, provided by everyone from the Federal Election Commission to various watchdog and news sources, to keep the public informed about where money comes from, and goes to, in our political world.

Some of this money is tax dollars at "work", some is private donations, some is spent wisely, some is buying politicians to help them make more or get preferential treatment, some comes from honest donors, some are agenda driven activists and people with nepharious motives.

As we find new data sources and ways to analyze this data they will be introduced. We are just trying to take such information and make it easily used and understood...because politics can be a crude, murical, confusing and corrupt thing...and others have legitimately good intentions, it's hard to tell the difference sometimes, as they are all trained speakers and have a team of marketers and speech writers to make sure they stay on whatever narrative they have, to keep the scam going.

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The data provided on this web site is compliments of the Federal Election Commission public information database and other public sources.

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