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It's Time To Start Paying Attention, People!

We all wonder how crooked our politicians are, we often debate about who is more corrupt, who takes money from who, and why, and so much more. This website can, in part, inform you about who gets money from who, how and where they spend it, and over time, we will bring more and more info as it's available.

In order to look into candidates in more details, search based on last name above, and click thru to learn locations, related fundraising committees, donors to that candidate and those committees and more. More data will be coming as I build this project out.
The 2022 election candidates are now available, be sure to click on your state below to see who is running in any given state! Enjoy the new circus in town!

See information about your state, it's current legislators, who owns them, and candidates for House and Senate.

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